Sumba Photo Stories

We will teach local children about photography
and then make a good story out of their photos.

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A photography training project to become a medium of expression and storytelling through photos.


Because Kawan Baik aim to contribute to the development in the lagging areas, we need to map out the most urgent issues in every area where we work. Nevertheless, sometimes it is a difficult process to determine what the real problem is, to decide what to prioritize, and to find the most effective method to solve the problem.

Therefore, we started a photography project, where we strive to process in a creative way by involving local children and understanding problems through their perspectives.

Sumba Photos Project is one of our ideas. In this project, we will teach local children about photography, including how to use the camera, take photos with good angles and compositions, and then create good stories from their photos.

Trigger social action, increased life conditions, education, health, and a better life. It’s through the children’s eyes! Adults will see what they actually miss!

We will lend them a camera and let them take any pictures around it as we continue to hone their photography skills through a series of trainings. These photographs are expected to capture real problems in their environment, which are interpreted through the children’s original viewpoint.

Project Cost


Description Amount
Survey : Rp 19.720.000
Training & Education Activities : Rp 173.890.350
Exhibition : Rp 59.955.000
Total : Rp 253.565.350
Thanks for the donors
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