A Bold Step Towards Sanitation and Clean Water for Laindatang

September 4, 2023
Laindatang in East Sumba, has no clean water and no sanitation facilities. Fair Future changes this reality and brings about a remarkable transformation. A monumental journey that promises to revolutionize the future of this ultra-rural community. They don't just build buildings, they create hope and opportunity. Their unwavering commitment is to strengthen the health and well-being of families who have faced isolation and hardship for too long. - Thank you for your interest.

“Transforming Lives in East Sumba: A Bold Step Towards Sanitation and Clean Water.”

At the Fair Future Foundation, we are embarking on an extraordinary journey to provide essential sanitation facilities and access to clean water for a village located in the eastern part of Sumba.

Witness the Remarkable Transformation of an Underserved Village in Sumba

Witness the remarkable transformation of an impoverished, remote village in East Sumba. Fair Future has actively involved itself in this community for a year and will continue supporting it for many more years. Our primary and urgent focus is installing crucial sanitation facilities, providing clean water access, and promoting community health. There is still a significant amount of work to be done, but we are taking the first crucial steps towards a better future.

Pioneering Sanitation Infrastructure

This marks the first-ever sanitation infrastructure initiative in the village’s history. Our goal is to enhance the health and well-being of the families in this community. At the core of our approach is close collaboration with the villagers, working hand in hand to provide them with essential access to water and sanitation despite their geographical isolation in the eastern part of Sumba.

Innovative Construction with a Purpose

Over the past several months, our organizations – Fair Future and Kawan Baik – have prioritized the construction of lightweight steel installations. This decision is rooted in hygiene, maintenance, and construction efficiency considerations. The entire structure, including two toilets and shower cabins, is meticulously crafted at the Fair Future Foundation’s base camp in Waingapu, known as Rumah Kambera. We then transport the disassembled structure to the installation site. It takes our team approximately one week to operationalize such an installation, followed by one to two weeks dedicated to finishing touches and aesthetic enhancements.

A Struggle for Basic Necessities

In this disadvantaged environment, families lack access to essential services, including clean water and electricity. During the dry season, when rainwater reservoirs run almost dry, they must travel long distances to collect only a few liters of often unsafe water. Check out related articles on #waterconnections here.

A Lifeline for Laindatang Village

Efforts are being tirelessly deployed to provide essential sanitation facilities to a village in eastern Sumba. This initiative aims to enhance the quality of life for residents and address the long-standing issue of inadequate sanitation in the region. In the village of Laindatang, residents have never had the privilege of functional showers or toilets. Their enthusiasm and joy are palpable as they witness the construction of these new installations, bringing them a simple sense of happiness.

A Healthier Future

These new facilities will also help reduce infectious diseases caused by the lack of proper sanitation in the village. It will likely lead to an improved quality of life for villagers, a reduction in the time spent fetching water, and the promotion of community health and well-being. This initiative goes far beyond the mere construction of sanitation facilities. It symbolizes the beginning of a new chapter for Laindatang, signifying change and development towards a healthier community.

Ensuring Water Safety with a Fair Future

At Fair Future, detecting Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia Coli (EHEC) is crucial to ensure the safety of the drinking water we seek, test, and provide to prevent health risks. Here are the steps we have implemented and those we continue to work on.

Hygiene Awareness and Education

We continuously raise awareness among families about proper water storage and conservation practices to minimize contamination risks. We also work diligently to ensure that these communities understand hygiene measures at every installation of new wells, storage reservoirs, or sanitation facilities. To this end, we have created clear and relevant publications that you can see here. For Fair Future, prevention and education are critical elements in ensuring clean water safety.

Join Us in This Transformational Journey

The work of Fair Future and Kawan Baik extends beyond physical construction, promoting progress, health, and hope for the Future. Be part of this journey of transformation and empowerment.

Your kind support can genuinely impact the lives of individuals suffering from water-borne illnesses in secluded communities such as Laindatatang in East Sumba. When you donate to initiatives organized by the Fair Future Foundation, you are directly aiding the betterment of families’ health. Come alongside us to create a world where a lack of water no longer threatens life. Your benevolent contribution can positively affect the lives of numerous individuals.

Thank you very much. Alexandre Wettstein from the Foundation’s Medico-Social Camp in East Sumba, Rumah Kambera, Lambanapu, on September 4th, 2023.


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