Dragon Pumps: Fair Future’s #waterconnections in Laindatang

October 10, 2023
The arrival of Dragon pumps in Laindatang, East Sumba, marks a watershed moment in Fair Future's #WaterConnections project. In collaboration with Kawan Baik and Rotary Australia, we are transforming the health landscape of this isolated village. From reducing the prevalence of infectious diseases to providing the first-ever sanitary installations, discover how clean water is rewriting the community's story. - Thank you for your interest.

Unleashing the Transformative Power of Dragon Pumps in Laindatang: How Fair Future’s #WaterConnections Project is Rewriting the Community’s Health Story

From Scarcity to Sufficiency: How the Installation of Dragon Pumps is Reducing Disease, Elevating Sanitation, and Changing Lives in One of the World’s Most Arid Regions

The Water Odyssey in Laindatang, East Sumba: A Turning Point for Health and Daily Life

A quiet revolution is taking shape in the small, isolated village of Laindatang in East Sumba. The Fair Future and Kawan Baik teams, armed with tools and willpower, installed two Dragon pumps last week on two newly constructed reservoirs. Funded in collaboration with Rotary Australia, the #WaterConnections project is transforming the lives of villagers, creating a palpable and instant change.

A Precious Liquid: Transformation Through Water

Water, a vital element in the poorest and driest regions of the world, has always been a luxury for families in Laindatang. Before the installation of the pumps and reservoirs, access to clean water was limited and often contaminated, leading to infectious diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, and typhoid.

But today, the Dragon pumps do more than bring water; they get life. Access to clean, more abundant water has an immediate impact on health. Infections are decreasing, and sanitary conditions are improving, allowing children and adults to focus on education, work, and community development rather than battling preventable diseases.

A Virtuous Circle: Water at the Heart of Daily Life

A virtuous circle is setting in. With clean water, families can now cook safer, more nutritious meals. Hydration is no longer a source of disease but a trustworthy source of life. The new toilets, the village’s first-ever, represent more than just convenience; they are a giant leap toward dignity and autonomy. This creates an environment where each drop of water contributes to a healthier, safer ecosystem.

An Unfailing Collaboration: Fair Future and Kawan Baik, On the Ground for Over 18 Months
This project could never have been possible without the unwavering commitment of the Fair Future and Kawan Baik teams. For over 18 months, we have been working tirelessly in this village, establishing a relationship of mutual trust and respect with the local community. Rotary Australia also deserves our deep gratitude for understanding the value of this project and for collaborating in this vital transformation.

Just the Beginning: Plans for the Future

While we celebrate this important milestone, it’s crucial to underline that our work here is far from over. We will soon build two complete sanitary installations and at least four more reservoirs. We also contemplate deep drilling to access a more abundant water source in this arid region. Each additional step is a step towards a better life for the inhabitants of Laindatang and the ultra-poor rural populations throughout the region.

The mission continues, and every contribution, every donation, every piece of shared information brings us closer to this ideal where everyone has access to a better life thanks to clean water. This is the vision that Fair Future carries, and with your help, this vision will become a reality.

Thank you for being so supportive. Together, we are making a difference.

Alex Wettstein – Fair Future Foundation medico-social camp in East Sumba – Rumah Kambera, Lambanapu, October 10th, 2023.

Dragon pumps in Laindatang are more than metal and mechanics; they’re the lifeblood of a community desperate for change. With each pump of clean water, we’re not just quenching thirst but fueling a healthier, brighter future. This is the transformative power of the #WaterConnections project, and it’s just the beginning.” – Alex Wettstein, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Fair Future


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