Friends from Janarduta’s Medical Assistance Team last night said goodbye.

May 11, 2021


Friends from Janarduta Medical Assistance Team @tbmjanarduta last night said goodbye. Their duties as a medical assistance team in east Sumba have been running in the last two weeks.
Within two weeks they had conducted health checks on affected communities in maidang, Wanggameti, Baing, Kuruwaku, Pindu Hurani, Mauliru, Kabanda, and Maulumbi villages, more remote areas they visited.

In addition to medical assistance, the team is also actively assisting in logistics arrangement activities at #RumahKambera Post

After the disaster, the clean water crisis has begun to become a new unrest, the next food ingredients are threatened because productive food land is now not producing. Skin diseases, dehydration, fever, cough, colds, pain are the most common complaints that we find during medical examinations.

Hopefully there will continue to be other relief teams coming again to help accelerate post-disaster recovery in NTT, especially east Sumba.


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