Provision of clean water & toilets after the disaster with PMI Sumba in Ds. Mauli

June 23, 2021
Continuation of the flood response response and Seroja silkon in NTT #ActforNTT,

Continuation of the flood response response and Seroja silkon in NTT #ActforNTT, Kawan Baik Indonesia and @fairfuturefoundation with #PMISumba work together to provide access to clean water and public MKC facilities. Located in the village of Mauliru, Kec. Waingapu our first project with PMI Sumba was implemented. Since being hit by floods in May 2021, agricultural activities in this village have been paralyzed due to the cut off access to water from rivers and dams. Automatically the water source that flows through the residents’ housing also breaks down. The problem of poor sanitation and water quality that is not fit for drinking is our priority in handling post-disaster health problems in East Sumba.

This is our first time collaborating with PMI Sumba, collaborating with local residents. Enabling residents to go out into the field in the construction process and providing areas for public toilets and drilled wells to be built.

This morning from #RumahKambera the team rushed to the location for the construction of toilets and drilled wells that we started in early June and the buildings have shown shape and residents are very enthusiastic about hearing directions from friends in the construction process. Soon, residents in RT 9 of Mauliru Village will have toilets and water sources from drilled wells for MCK activities and also irrigating gardens around this area.

Thank you @fairfuturefoundation for supporting the post-disaster recovery program by providing clean water and sanitation facilities in Mauliru village.

#KawanBaikIndonesia #FairFutureFoundation #accessairCleanforsumbatimur #santasi #actforNTT #RumahKambera


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