Team Departure from Bali to Sumba

March 2, 2022
This time #CeritaAir will talk about the team's departure from #Bali to Sumba with @FairFutureFoundation in the implementation of the second phase.
Hey guys!

This time #CeritaAir will talk about the team’s departure from #Bali to Sumba with @FairFutureFoundation in the implementation of the second phase. On this trip to #Sumba, the team plans to stay for approximately 30 days and requires careful preparation. With the #TruckofLife and the legendary vehicles driven by Comrade Gogon, our team encountered many things that happened beyond our control. Especially about sea transportation tickets. The heavy crossing traffic and the departure schedule in the morning made us have to queue since the early hours of the morning. Obstacles in purchasing tickets online made us have to lobby ticket brokers at the Lembar port. We had very little chance of getting on the Egon passenger list that night. With persistent effort, we finally managed to leave.

This trip takes 35 hours on the boat and a total of three days from Denpasar to Waingapu. Sea transportation passengers with babies and toddlers must be smart in bringing the mood so that the little one doesn’t get bored or fussy easily. Logistics drivers also have to be patient and look for activities to get rid of boredom so that common sense is maintained.

There were many things that we encountered on the ship, especially about the life stories and struggles of people from various professions and backgrounds. The time we spent together on the boat allowed us to get to know them like close friends. We found a similar spirit that we will bring to Sumba. Three tiring days, indeed, until we arrived in Waingapu this morning. We will take a short break, recharge our energies to continue the work of #WaterConnection #Mbinudita.

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