Water Connection: The Ongoing Project

February 22, 2022
Where are we with MbinuDita's Water Connections project? What are the funds that we have already collected, those that we have already invested in this vital project like never before for more than 2000 people without access to clean water? We present to you via a small infographic what we have already done, what remains to be done and the schedule for the next steps.
After successfully providing clean water and healthy sanitation in Mauliru and Kambera House, East Sumba, NTT, next is Mbinudita. The process that has been running in the series of Water Connection projects to bring access to clean water closer is the drilling of wells with a depth of approximately 45 meters. After that is to bring water from the borehole to the reservoir as far as 205 meters with a height of about 60 meters. This requires electrical installations, pipes, and a power source capable of providing sufficient electricity. To fill 12,000 liters of water in the tendon, an electric pump with a power of 1.5 HP (Horse Power) must work 5-6 hours. The collected water is then channeled to RT 3 and RT 4. In the whole process, there will be a transfer of knowledge about making reservoirs using the ferrocement method, equipped with rainwater harvesting installations and their utilization.

This series of activities will begin in February. Thank you to donors who have helped through #FairFutureFoundation and #KawanBaikIndonesia. From this donation, we will help 2,000 #Mbinudita residents to gain access to clean water and healthy sanitation, as well as access to knowledge.

Next, we ordered online some hard-to-find materials to ship to #Sumba by sea. Among them are HDPE pipes, cables, 5000 Watt generator sets, and several electrical equipment, including supporting tools such as underground water detectors.

Currently, the funds that have been collected are 42% of the donation target, amounting to approximately Rp.400 million, and we will continue to open donations until they reach 100% while activities in the field continue. Continue to support us to complete the #waterconnection project for access to clean water and healthy sanitation for a better future.


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