Laindatang – Mbatakapidu | A day in a village far from everything, to take stock of almost nothing social, medical and infrastructure.

Following a direct request from the authorities and the government of East Sumba, we were asked to help a very isolated village without any access worthy of the name. The inhabitants, numbering 35 families, do not have access to water, electricity or medical care. The nearest water point is located more than three kilometres away, and when it is dry (about eight months a year), nearly ten kilometres from the nearest dwellings.

We went there with the Truck Of Life, following the profile of the hills, hazardous paths on which sometimes we had much trouble moving forward. For nearly three hours, we had little to talk with the villagers to discuss the daily lives of impoverished and disadvantaged families.

Together, we took stock of the existing situation: They only have rainwater, which they consume daily. They recover it thanks to ingenious systems which demonstrate their infinite distress. They store this water in a few hand-built reservoirs. People are sick and poor. They eat little and wash only a few times a month.