Clean Water Access for Tana Mbanas 2023

a collaborative endeavor uniting diverse stakeholders, including two NGOs, a generous donor, and a dedicated group of beneficiaries from the Church of Tana Mbanas.

Project Release Date : 1 Sep 2023
Project Leader : Primus Lede (Kawan Primus)
Project Type : This project is implemented by Kawan Baik Indonesia Foundation on behalf of our partner who provided grant funding for this project.
Duration: 2 months

Tana Mbanas, nestled within the Umbu Ratu Nggay District of Central Sumba Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia, is not just a village; it’s a community with a compelling story. Adjacent to East Sumba Regency, this remote locale can be accessed by car from Waingapu for roughly four hours.

At the heart of Tana Mbanas lies the Water Connection project, a collaborative endeavor uniting diverse stakeholders, including two NGOs, a generous donor, and a dedicated group of beneficiaries from the Church of Tana Mbanas. Their mission? To tackle the pressing issue of clean water access.

Tana Mbanas stands out as one of the driest areas on Sumba Island, enduring a relentless dry season over six months each year. In this arid landscape, rainwater is a rare blessing. Consequently, residents embark on arduous journeys, covering tens of kilometers on foot or by motorbike, to fetch water from distant rivers and springs. Regrettably, the water they obtain is marred by pollution and impurities, while its flow could be more manageable.

Much like the broader Sumba Island region, Central Sumba Regency is characterized by Mediterranean soil and limestone rock formations, shaping the very foundation of the land. It is within this unique and challenging environment that our story unfolds as we strive to make a difference.



Water, an essential element for humans, flora, and fauna, is still challenging to obtain in Tana Mbanas village, a struggle that has been going on for years.

The prospect of obtaining clean water from a variety of potential sources—whether from wells, rivers, or springs—poses a huge financial burden for these communities. Some of the drilled wells of government facilities are dry, several kilometers of installed pipes are empty, and the community is traumatized because they spent a lot of money on drilling, but they found a drop of water.

In a world where time is equal to money, it is even greater than that. Transporting water, whether by foot, motorbike or truck, costs a lot of money for the people of Tana Mbanas who live in poor conditions. This is a reminder that access to these fundamental resources comes at a significant cost in terms of effort and expenditure. Second, there is a need for more innovation due to limited knowledge.

Maria Ratu Karmel Church at Palawacu—is a vital public place for residents. On Sunday services and other days when water is scarce or non-existent, the community gathers here, their need for water linked to religious and communal activities.

The distance from the nearest spring or river is around 5 kilometers from this communal center. To meet their water needs, the Church usually donates a water tank with a capacity of 5,000 liters, at a cost of IDR 700,000. This output meets their hydration needs and their sanitation and culinary requirements.

However, purchasing water from as far away as Tana Mbanas requires a significant financial investment and together we are engaging with community groups to discover what can be done here…


Our Action

In our endeavor to address the challenges confronting the Tana Mbanas community and promote innovation despite limited knowledge, we are embarking on the implementation of two transformative solutions:

Building on Past Success: In 2021, Kawan Baik Indonesia and the Fair Future Foundation initiated a visionary project to address water-related challenges and enhance connectivity in the Mbinudita village of East Sumba. Central to this project was adopting a dual-source strategy, harnessing well water and rainwater to establish a consistent and dependable water supply. Furthermore, we integrated cutting-edge rainwater harvesting and filtration systems into the infrastructure, thereby efficiently optimizing the collection and utilization of this precious resource. These efforts culminated in the creation of robust Ferrocement water tanks capable of securely storing the harvested water.

1. Leveraging the Rainfall: The Maria Ratu Karmel Church in Palawacu provides an excellent opportunity for rainwater collection, boasting a roof spanning 400 square meters. In a region where precipitation patterns fluctuate significantly, the annual rainfall in Central Sumba Regency reached 265.5 mm in February 2022 while plummeting to 0 mm from July to September, with 96 rainy days throughout the year. Harnessing this resource, the Church’s roof catchment capacity can accumulate approximately 106,200 liters of rainwater annually.

2. Enhancing Distribution: The collected rainwater will be channeled to a water filtration system and directed into the Ferrocement water tank. This clean water will then be distributed to various areas within the Church complex. To ensure easy access for the community, we will install a pumping system that facilitates water retrieval within the facilities and at public center points. knowledge. As part of this project, we will construct two tanks, each with a 10,000-liter capacity.

These initiatives underscore our steadfast commitment to empowering communities like Tana Mbanas by offering sustainable solutions for clean water access and fostering technological innovation, even in the face of limited resources and knowledge.


Goals – Expected Result

The goals of this project are:

  • Ensure Sustainable Clean Water Access: The primary objective is to provide a sustainable source of clean water to the Tana Mbanas community. By leveraging innovative solutions such as rainwater harvesting and filtration systems and integrating dual water sources, we aim to establish a consistent and reliable water supply for the residents.
  • Enhance Community Connectivity: This project seeks to enhance connectivity within the community by ensuring that clean water is readily available across the Maria Ratu Karmel Church complex and other public center points. Installing a pumping system will facilitate easy access to clean water, promoting community well-being.
  • Empower the Tana Mbanas Community: Ultimately, the project’s overarching goal is to empower the Tana Mbanas community by providing them with the tools and resources they need to secure clean water access. This empowerment addresses immediate needs and contributes to the community’s long-term resilience and self-sufficiency.

In summary, the project aims to alleviate water-related challenges, enhance community connectivity, and empower the Tana Mbanas community through sustainable and innovative solutions for clean water access.



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