Primary Medical Care

Medication Refill and Case Evaluation of Healthy Kawan Agens Round II

Project Release Date : 1 Nov 2023
Project Leader : Alyuprayitno (Kawan Ino)
Project Type : This project is implemented by Kawan Baik Indonesia Foundation on behalf of our partner who provided grant funding for this project.
Duration : 3 Month (November 2023 – January 2024)

Kawan Baik Indonesia, in its unwavering commitment to enhancing health services in rural communities of Eastern Indonesia, has initiated a series of transformative endeavors to elevate the efficiency, accessibility, and quality of healthcare provided by our dedicated Kawan Sehat Agents.

In December 2022, we embarked on a significant milestone by conducting comprehensive training for 50 participants. This training was meticulously designed to empower non-professional healthcare providers with the knowledge and skills required to deliver Basic Medical Care to individuals within their communities and educators responsible for imparting knowledge to the next generation.

Fast forward to April 2023, our dedicated team ventured into five distinct sub-districts for the inaugural refill and evaluation phase. During this critical monitoring process, our attention was drawn to various cases that demanded further exploration to gain insights into the patient’s progress and the prevailing living conditions within the communities.

This initial assessment journey culminated at Charis School, which served as a digital platform for open discussions on the myriad challenges faced and the remarkable cases successfully addressed by our diligent Kawan Sehat Agents. Building on this valuable experience, we are excited to unveil the upcoming activities in Round II:

  1. Refilling first aid kits
  2. Supplying Essential Medical Teams and Resources
  3. Comprehensive Evaluation and Treatment
  4. Introducing Digital Platforms

These activities, born out of our unwavering dedication, are pivotal in our mission to transform the health landscape of rural communities in Eastern Indonesia. Your support and partnership remain indispensable in our collective pursuit of a healthier and brighter future for the people we serve. Together, we can make a lasting impact and create a legacy of positive change.


The core issue at the heart of our mission is addressing the myriad challenges within the realm of health services in rural areas. To fully comprehend the scope of these challenges and their implications for people’s healthcare needs, let’s dissect each goal:

Problem of Availability of Medicines
Our primary obstacle is needing more essential medicines in our first aid kits. This scarcity directly hampers the prompt and effective delivery of health services, especially for those requiring immediate medical attention. Access to crucial medications is a linchpin for timely care.

Health Service Problems in Rural Areas
Rural areas grapple with various issues, including limited accessibility and inadequate medical equipment. These factors contribute to disparities in the quality of health services, leaving specific communities underserved. Our mission strives to bridge these gaps and ensure quality healthcare knows no geographical boundaries.

Case Evaluation and Handling Issues
Effective management of healthcare cases adhering to established medical standards presents challenges. The quality of healthcare services can improve with proficient case evaluation and handling. Collaboration with medical professionals is a crucial strategy to overcome this challenge, ultimately elevating the standard of care.

Recording and Reporting Problems
Data management must be more precise, specifically in recording cases and tracking drug usage, which poses significant hurdles. Inefficient data management can disrupt planning and decision-making within the healthcare sector. Implementing digital solutions is crucial to enhance efficiency in this realm, ensuring accurate data informs our actions.


This activity is based on several goals that have a big impact:

  1. Ensuring the Availability of Medicines: Replenishment activities aim to ensure that Kawan Sehat Agents always have a supply of necessary medicines in the first aid kit. This is crucial to ensuring timely and effective health services so everyone needing care can get it immediately.
  2. Improving Health Services: This activity aims to facilitate health service activities in rural areas by providing medical teams and necessary medical equipment. In this way, we can ensure that quality health services remain available in often difficult-to-reach locations.
  3. Evaluating and Handling Cases: Collaboration with the medical team from the Foundation allows the evaluation and handling of cases managed by Kawan Sehat Agents. This is a key step in improving the quality of health services so that each case can be handled well and by applicable medical standards.
  4. Improve Digital Recording and Reporting: Developing and trialing digital applications is an important innovation to simplify case recording and reporting of drug use. With this digitalization, we are working to increase efficiency in data management, which will positively impact planning and decision-making in the healthcare sector.”

By summarizing these objectives, this activity serves to optimize health services in rural areas and improve the quality and availability of medical care.

Our Action

In our commitment to improving healthcare services in rural communities, we have set forth a comprehensive plan of action:

Refilling medicines in the Kawan Sehat Agent’s first aid kit: We understand the importance of a well-stocked first aid kit. Regularly replenishing essential medications ensures that Kawan Sehat Agents are prepared to provide timely and effective healthcare when needed.

Providing a medical team (health service assistance) and medical supplies for health service activities: Healthcare in rural areas can be challenging due to limited resources. We bridge this gap by offering a medical team and essential medical supplies. This support facilitates healthcare activities and ensures that quality care remains accessible even in remote regions.

Case evaluation and treatment of the Sehat Kawan Agent by the medical team from the Foundation: Collaboration with our foundation’s medical team enhances the quality of healthcare services. Together, we evaluate and treat cases managed by Kawan Sehat Agents, ensuring each patient receives the care it deserves, aligned with medical standards.

Development and trial of the use of digital applications in recording cases and reporting drug use: To streamline data management and reporting, we’re taking an innovative step by developing and testing digital applications. This digitalization initiative enhances the efficiency of healthcare data management, which, in turn, impacts planning and decision-making.

These activities are part of our ongoing mission to optimize healthcare in rural areas and ensure that medical care is high quality and readily available where it’s most needed.

Goals – Expected Result

Refilling first aid kits is crucial for Kawan Sehat Agents to provide prompt and essential medical assistance, addressing common health concerns and injuries in the communities they serve.

Medical team and supply
Deploying a medical team and medical supplies is crucial in improving healthcare services as it enables prompt and comprehensive healthcare delivery, addressing a wide range of medical needs and contributing to the overall well-being of communities.

Comprehensive Evaluation and Treatment
The Foundation’s medical team provides comprehensive assessment and treatment plans for health issues managed by Sehat Kawan Agents, ensuring improved healthcare quality and effectiveness through a collaborative approach.

Digital Platform
Digital platforms can streamline medical case recording and medication reporting, increasing healthcare data management efficiency and accuracy. These tools enhance patient care, making the process more organized, accessible, and time-efficient. It’s essential to test the digital platforms thoroughly before implementation to resolve any issues.



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