Mauliru village clean water sanitation

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Kawan Baik Foundation, Fair Future Foundation and the Indonesian Red Cross started a clean water access program for 42 villages that already lack water.

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Healthy Friends, Responsive Friends

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The flash flood and Seroja storm that occurred on April 4 and 5, 2021 in East Sumba Regency have harmed all aspects of social life, including:

  • The source of clean water needed by the community is polluted and cannot be used due to flood mud deposits;
  • Existing wells have dried up and families/communities no longer have access to clean water;
  • The health of persons, children and other vulnerable persons is gradually deteriorating;
  • Threat of dry season which started at the time of this writing, and which will last anywhere from 8 to 10 months;

After identifying the problem, the main activity to be carried out is the implementation of a clean water and latrine supply program, which will help the community to resume normal activities.

The target location of the clean water supply project is in areas with major limitations. The implementation of this program is designed to involve the entire surrounding community who play an active role through the Disaster Prepared Village group.

Based on the results of an assessment conducted by the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) in East Sumba and analysis of the actions of Kawan Baik and the Fair Future Foundation, this project proposal will focus on meeting the needs of clean water and sanitation for the affected communities.

The Fair Future Foundation team, who wrote this story, directly from the largest medical and social camp in eastern Indonesia (NTT), the home of Fair Future and Kawan Baik Indonesia, called “Rumah Kambera“, the house of Kambera, named after the village that welcomed us, in the heart of the region most devastated by this disaster.

Thank you very much for helping us. We need medicine, donations, food… Don’t forget us and them!

Project Cost


Description Amount
Boreholes : Rp 57.760.434
MCK building : Rp 63,873,600
Operational : Rp 26,862,822
Total : Rp 148,496,856
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