Mbinudita Drilling Well Phase One

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1 big step in a series of activities to provide access to water for Mbinudita residents

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Water is the main key to a better standard of living, because water is one of the main human needs. And water has a huge impact on health, education, economy, welfare, and equality.

In Mbinudita, water is one of the energies that is currently quite difficult to obtain. One of the contributing factors is the type of rocky soil so that the point of the water source is far from the ground surface. Another reason is that there are not many wells available, so residents have to flock to wells that are often dry or walk 1.5-3 kilometers to the springs.

The standard of eligibility for clean water needs is 49.5 liters/capita/day. UNESCO world body itself in 2002 has determined the basic human right to water, which is 60 liters/person/day. In Mbinudita Sumba, it is less than 10 liters/person per day due to the difficulty of access to clean water.

To get water, the people of Mbinudita have to walk about 1.5 – 3 Km to a spring, namely the Payunu Matawai spring. Usually they use 5 liter jerry cans, 1 person can take 3-5 jerry cans, with cow or buffalo transportation aids, they can load up to 10 jerry cans more. There is also a traditional well, with a depth of 12-35 meters, usually mothers also queue to wash clothes and take them home for kitchen needs. Not infrequently also found livestock also joined the queue to get water rations.

Project Cost


Description Amount
Survey : IDR 3,445,000
Socialization : IDR 1,300,000
Prepare : IDR 2,600,000
Drilling : IDR 60,385,000
Operational Activities : IDR 13,000,000
Total : IDR 80,730,000
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