Who We Are

The Kawan Baik Indonesia (KBI) is a social foundation in Indonesia that focuses on providing the right access to health care and education for people with less fortunate money throughout the archipelago. As good friends and Indonesians, we have found over the years that the fundamental right to access to health care, education, sanitation and having access to a healthy and balanced life is not common here; This is not the right to be acquired and because life conditions deteriorate.

Indonesia has the fifth most stunting child in the world. That is, children who have development disorders due to malnutrition, recurrent infections, and inadequate psychosocial stimulation. More than one in every three children (or 37) is hampered. Thank you so much for all of you for your kindness and support.

Smart Friends

Underdeveloped regions in Indonesia have many educational problems, especially concerning unequal access to education, partly due to inadequate infrastructure and human resources. Read more!

Healthy Friends

We will explore the diversity of food to find all kinds of foods that can grow well in certain areas, in order to provide enough nutrients for the community. Read more!

Truck of Life

To accommodate the activities of KBI in the field, especially in a remote and difficult to access area, we will build a KBI truck, which consists of a healthy Kawan truck, a Kawan Pintar truck and a good Warung Kawan Read more!