Bali Rise from COVID-19

Participate in supporting government programs in efforts to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus


Covid-19 as a pandemic has hit Indonesia, even the world, and now is the second year. A total of 34,954 people have been exposed (source: kawalcovid19, 24 August 2021) to the Corona virus in Denpasar City. The island of Bali, with its main activities in the tourism sector, has been greatly affected by this pandemic. Among them are in the field of travel agents, hotel businesses, restaurants/restaurants, souvenir and souvenir shops, transportation (land, sea and air), tourism employees. But Bali must continue to rise from Covid 19, because then the economy will recover.

As an effort to prevent the spread of Covid 19, the government has disseminated information about the program for implementing the 3M health protocol, namely washing hands, wearing masks, maintaining distance, which later developed into 5M by adding avoiding crowds and limiting mobilization and interaction. In addition, another effort from the government in prevention efforts is the Vaccination program, it is recommended that every Balinese citizen can be vaccinated up to dose 2 which can be accessed at Puskesmas or other places that have collaborated with the Health Office to be able to organize vaccination activities.

The Kawan Baik Indonesia Foundation (YKBI) which has a work program in the health sector takes a role to participate in supporting government programs in efforts to prevent the spread of the Covid 19 virus. In this case, the Kawan Baik Indonesia Foundation is collaborating with the Karang Taruna City of Denpasar to be able to carry out a series of related activities, with funding support from the Fair Future Foundation.

Currently, Karang Taruna Denpasar City already has medical facilities in the form of an ambulance that can be used to evacuate Covid-19 patients or to deliver corpses to the cemetery. However, it does not yet have enough supporting components that are disposable, such as sets of protective clothing and daily operational costs. In addition, the Denpasar Youth Youth Organization also has partners to be able to carry out vaccinations with the standards set by the Health Office.

Thus, YKBI will support Karang Taruna Denpasar City in the form of equipment and supplies for health workers and daily operational and operational support during vaccination activities.

Patient & Corpse Evacuation

The ambulance owned by the Denpasar City Youth Organization is currently actively being used for the evacuation of Covid-19 survivors for free. Pick up patients from home to be taken to the nearest health facility, or from one hospital to another when needed. This activity requires support in the form of equipment used by medical personnel or volunteers on duty to remain in a safe state not contaminated with viruses, besides that, vehicle fuel operations and daily operations are also required.


As a form of activity to prevent the increase in the number of Covid 19 patients, vaccination is very important. The Denpasar City Youth Organization with the support of the Denpasar City Covid Task Force, the Health Service, the Social Service and several medical personnel volunteers, have the ability, opportunity and support to be able to carry out free vaccinations. Kawan Baik Indonesia facilitated communication with the management of Rumah Sanur Creative Hub, to get a place in the implementation of vaccinations. This vaccination is planned on September 26, 2021 with a total dose of 253 Sinopharm for the first dose and on October 17, 2021 for the second dose.

The main targets of this vaccination activity are people with disabilities and the elderly (over 50 years of age), provided that they have a Denpasar ID card, a Denpasar domicile certificate, or a work certificate in Denpasar.

Project Cost


Description Amount
Medical facility : IDR 91.275.000
Documentation and Publications : IDR 30.000.000
Support, Administration and secretarial team : IDR 30.000.000
Total : IDR 121.275.000
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