Drugs for East Sumba

Real-time updates of the drug stocks we have in East Sumba.

List of available drugs
at Base Camp Rumah Kambera

The increasing number of residents infected with the Covid-19 virus and the lack of education about health procedures in the community.

Information on Sumba’s proposal to recover from COVID-19 can be downloaded here.

Rumah Kambera, where we gather to hold activities in East Sumba.


Fair Future and Kawan Baik, as part of their socio-medical activities in eastern Indonesia and their Rumah Kambera Base Camp, have a place where medical care can be given.

It is also where we store the drugs and other medical equipment that we have available. This serves as a reserve, as a local pharmacy. While Sumba has nothing, we are one of the privileged places to distribute medicines to the suffering and sick.

In terms of pharmaceuticals, we lack everything or almost nothing is enough. As part of our fight against poverty and related diseases, but above all in order to combat the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic that is raging in Indonesia, especially in areas where nothing is being done by the government Indonesian (Read this page here regarding our pandemic work here in the east of the country), we need medicine.

Our bank details are available under this link. For any information request, please send us an email or contact us here.

List of drugs available in real-time in rumah kambera base camp

Medicine help
in East Sumba

Beranda 5 Proyek 5 Kambera’s House – Medicines Available