Rumah Kambera

A place to exchange ideas, all with a shared vision, namely to improve the quality of life of the people in East Sumba.


Currently FFF and KBI have several ongoing activities in East Sumba and several future projections for activities to be carried out with local partners,
Therefore, we need a field office that is able to support and adapt to our current needs with the rapidly growing density of activity.

Kambera is a sub-district in East Sumba Regency, this sub-district is one of twenty-two sub-districts in East Sumba Regency. Kambera not
too far from downtown Waingapu, can be reached by motorized vehicle in approximately 10 minutes. At Kambera we will focus our activities on supporting all
projects in Sumba such as developing project concepts, meeting with local communities, coordinating to schedule project visits, training, and bringing in experts from various fields to share together.

“Rumah Kambera”; “Rumah” means residence and Kambera is the name of the sub-district. We chose the word “home” on purpose, because apart from being our future office in Sumba, it will also be a place for meetings, sharing activities, teaching and learning, a shelter for volunteers, a place to exchange ideas, play rooms, find innovative ideas, all with a shared vision, namely to improve the quality of life of people living in disadvantaged areas of East Sumba.

Home for us, home for them

Kambera House: House means “residence” and Kambera is the name of the village. We deliberately chose the word “home”, in addition to being our future office in Sumba, it will also be a place of sharing, conferences, teaching, volunteer homes, places to exchange, find innovative ideas, all together with a shared vision; improving the quality of life of people living in rural East Sumba.

Linked Projects

  • Mbinu Dita – since August 2020 we have been rebuilding schools and community centers in rural Areas of East Sumba. Thanks to this project, 100 children will soon return to school. It will also be at the heart of our activities and projects with this community of about 300 families. We were unable to stay on site for more than two nights due to logistical reasons, no access to water and electricity;
    Therefore, Kambera House is a central point and is indispensable in this long-term project to organize, plan, and manage all Mbinu Dita projects from there.
  • First Aid Kit – A project that aims to bring first aid kits to every school in East Sumba. Indeed, due to its geolocation and terrain, sumba rural areas do not have access to primary health services. For example, simple scratches on the legs (children and adults are mostly barefoot) can quickly become infected and become significant injuries. To prevent this, Kawan Baik Indonesia and the Fair Future Foundation will provide first aid kits to more than 40 schools and train teachers on primary care care.
  • Charis – access to education and knowledge. In collaboration with the network of volunteers and teachers from the association “Charis”, we will hold trainings, conferences on subjects related to education, nutrition or health that will then be disseminated and taught in forty schools in East and West Sumba.
  • Water access – Kambera House will also make it easier to collaborate with experts, share knowledge and for learning needs. One of the main points is the lack of access to water; difficulty to rely on rainwater; Therefore, we want to research and develop using island resources, ways to access clean and safe water. This is a long-term project that requires a “base camp” and a suitable and functional place.
  • Permaculture – One of the greatest assets of this house is the land on which it stands; large and suitable for cultivation, we will make the garden in collaboration with permaculture experts; The harvest will make it easier for us to cook for the volunteers and the surrounding community. We will also conduct training on nutrition, permaculture, experimenting, and finding answers on how to cultivate this calcareous soil and adapt to the island’s climate which only rains two months of the year.

Kambera’s house will be at the heart of the project; teacher training and follow-up will be conducted at this “base camp”.

We thank you for your support and kindness in the actions of the Foundation in the outer and rural areas of Indonesia. People need you, all of us.

Project Cost


Description Amount
Rent a House : IDR 10.000.000
Renovation : Rp 25.850.000
Shop Equipment : Rp 13.060.000
Electrical Equipment : Rp 1.380.000
Transport : IDR 10.000.000
Total : Rp 60.290.000
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