@fairfuture & @kawanbaikindo create water connections. We took shovels, buckets, we dug & found water. Then miles of pipes, valves, taps that we connect to each other, that we connect to families. With this water, we can now build toilets, reservoirs.

The 1st toilets of the village are almost finished. @fairfuture have already started to build the other 8 in the village. The Water Connections project is progressing exceptionally well. We are close to the goal after more than 12 months of on-site work.

@fairfuture estimates that every $ invested in water and toilets saves an average of $4 in medical costs, averts deaths and increases productivity. Hygiene promotion is considered one of the most cost-effective public health interventions.

Sumba Timur is dry, very dry! Water is scarce, you have to fetch it by walking for hours, sometimes 2-3 days, 7 day's a week.
The water is collected in 5 liter jerycans. A 5yo will carry one, a 10 yo will carry two.

In order to be able to provide assistance, @fairfuture & @kawanbaikindo must fully understand the living conditions of villages located in ultra-rural areas.
Shortage of food, no water, scarce medical care, no electricity... They lack everything.

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