The program for the next few months for @fairfuture & @kawanbaikindo #WaterConnections, site of #sdmbinudita, related to access to clean water. 5 tanks of 6000 liters, 10 sanitary facilities, 2 deep boreholes then 2500 people will have clean water.

Water 💦 in East Sumba is a real priority. There is no clean water & soon, all tanks will be like this one: Empty because no more rain for the next 9 months. This is why @fairfuture & @kawanbaikindo created #waterconnections project, clean water all year!

...and during this time, in our other Socio-Medical base camp🏕️ in #rumahkambera, kaman Ino and Primus are working so hard to the #waterconnections program. Soon, we will be there again, but so far, time for some Lebaran holiday. Then, on the field again.

@fairfuture & @kawanbaikindo are moving their main base camp in Denpasar city. Tons of things, an entire studio to move, hundreds of meters of cable, servers, painting, an entire team to relocate! Soon, we will invite you to this amazing new open space.

Yes ! The new drilling well's machine is now otw to #rumahkambera, the sociomedical base camp of @fairfuture & @kawanbaikindo in East Sumba. One full week on the road/boat and we will start this incredible program all together 💦, giving water to people

Hari kami punya kabar baik lagi. Air yang kami usahakan pada proyek #WaterConnection #Mbinudita ternyata sangat layak minum. Ikuti ceritanya di sini ya

@BaleBengong mau baca juga boleh 😁

Mari bertemu Mama Mariana di #Lewa, #SumbaTimur.
Orang2 di sini seperti penyihir, mengadakan air di batu, di tempat yang paling mustahil ada air.
Nggak percaya? Nonton ini deh

@BaleBengong boleh loh kalau mau nonton juga...

Still testing the new Drilling machine well's that @fairfuture & @kawanbaikindo ordered. Now time to organise it's shipment to NTT. A huge thing as it's very far. But from the ❤️ we are so happy to help people without water at all over there in East Sumba.

#waterconnections program leads us & #truckoflife to Surabaya, Caruban. Pipes, an essential element to bring water to families in #sdmbinudita on this 🖼️. And 2day, check the new well's drilling machine, organise it's shipment to East Sumba, with 🇮🇩@kawanbaikindo & 🇨🇭@fairfuture.

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