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Kawan Baik Indonesia Foundation
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Water and Sanitation Connections in Laindatang Hamlet – Laindatang Elementary School

Building a Healthy Learning Environment Through School Sanitation

  • 87.21% funded 87.21% 87.21%

Clean Water Access for Tana Mbanas 2023

a collaborative endeavor uniting diverse stakeholders, including two NGOs, a generous donor, and a dedicated group of beneficiaries from the Church of Tana Mbanas.

  • 100% funded 100% 100%

Water Connections and Malaria Prevention Initiative Sumba Timur 2023

Penyediaan Akses Air Bersih untuk Pedesaan & Deteksi Dini Malaria

  • 76.5% funded 76.5% 76.5%

Malaria Prevention Initiative Sumba Timur 2023

Controlling the spread of Malaria cases in East Sumba 2023, a case study in Mahu District

  • 95% funded 95% 95%