Truck of Life

To accommodate KBI activities in the field, especially in remote and difficult-to-access areas, we will build KBI Trucks, consisting of Kawan Sehat Trucks, Smart Kawan Trucks and Warung Kawan Baik Trucks; By procuring these three (3) trucks, we hope that we will be able to do the best of our efforts to provide free and decent access to health and education services for people living in underserved areas; These trucks can not only reach remote areas of the outer islands, but also to be alert in case of emergency and disaster response by providing health and education services, as well as supplying healthy and nutritious food.

Kawan Baik Indonesia

We’ve seen how this changes everything. The children remained in school. People live longer, healthier, more productive, with more time to work, play, and just spend time together.

Truck of Life’s Mission: Indonesia’s Forgotten Regions
November 1, 2023

Truck of Life’s Mission: Indonesia’s Forgotten Regions

Fully stocked with life-saving pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and hope, Fair Future's Truck of Life is setting off on its next vital...
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Support #TruckOfLife : Your Kilometer Makes the Difference
October 11, 2023

Support #TruckOfLife : Your Kilometer Makes the Difference

In the remote corners of Eastern Indonesia, each kilometer counts. Fair Future’s #TruckOfLife isn't just a vehicle; it's a lifeline...
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The Truck of Life Wants to Go Everywhere
May 12, 2023

The Truck of Life Wants to Go Everywhere

The Truck of Life is always eager to help, care for and provide medical care, and this is most often...
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December 14, 2022


Meet new friends and tell each other about our journey & Good Friends activities in Sumba.
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Good Friends Carnival

Truk Kawan Warung

Warung Kawan Baik Truck will serve as:

  1. Suppliers of healthy food in the form of food stalls, or at other times provide healthy food for free;
  2. A place to hold a demo of cooking healthy foods that pay attention to the balanced nutritional composition;
  3. The communal kitchen provides large amounts of food and beverages during disaster situations.

Healthy Comrade Truck

By operating Truk Kawan Sehat, we hope to:

  1. Provide access for patients in remote areas who have not received proper health care from local health facilities;
  2. Provide space for emergency medical care for patients who have to undergo immediate treatment in hard-to-reach areas far from health facilities;
  3. Provide services and consultations on healthy nutrition for all patients, including mothers, in order to improve nutritional quality for their families.

Smart Friend Truck

With the presence of Kawan Pintar Truck, we are committed to:

  1. Provide access to school-age children in particular and the wider community in general to get free books, as well as audio visual content about general and scientific knowledge to open their horizons through interesting images and sounds;
  2. Provide reading rooms equipped with decent facilities to help improve digital literacy in less developed areas, which require more attention and better access to decent education;
  3. Facilitate activities that focus on healing trauma during disaster situations.