Just to remember that we were there! The Foundation documents its activities through film and also takes many photographs. Here are some of them!

#BangunMbinudita | 10.10.2020 Tempat Bernaung

#BangunMbinudita | 10.10.2020 the Shelter

Copyright © all rights reserved 2020 -Oktober 15, 2020 - Photo by Kawan Andri & Kawan Alex from Fair Future Indonesia & Kawan Ayu & Kawan Nofi from Kawan Baik Indonesia As you know, the foundation undertook to rebuild its school which was destroyed by a storm in December 2019 ( – Date: January 2020). And it looks like really Amazing!

Sinergi antara tentara dan masyarakat

The synergy between soldiers and communities

#Sinergiuntuknegeri (Synergy for the country) is the tagline announced for TNI's 75th anniversary. And we at the Mbinudita construction site feel this is not just a word, the soldiers together with the community are working together, digging, carrying stones, and building the windbreak fort that previously tore down the school building.

Cinta & Kehidupan dari Tempat Hunian

Love Life from the Shelter

An overview of daily life in the temporary shelter for those who work and live with their often unexpected interactions. Learning about different cultures, skills, and ways of survival. Many dramas and stories, emotions, longing to go home, anger to joy are presented in this impermanent space.