Bangun Mbinu Dita

Bangun Mbinudita – Help 65 kids get back to school!


SD Mbinu Ndita is located in the village of Mbinu Ndita, this area is being pioneered as an independent village. Mbinu Ndita is part of the village of Prai Paha, Ngaha Ori, Angu District, located approximately 2 hours from central East Sumba (Waingapu) by car.
Mbinu Ndita Parallel School, affiliated with Waitama Elementary School. When we visited this school last November 2019, the classrooms consisted of one classroom for grade 1 and grade 2 in a separate building belonging to the village.

This parallel school was built because the 1st and 2nd graders were too far away to attend school
at Waitama Elementary School which is about 6-8 km walk. The classrooms are very simple using split bamboo walls, black sand floors with tin roofs and reeds. But children look very comfortable to study in class. Their classroom decoration is very interesting because it is designed with the interior of students’ creativity.

Today, 20 December 2019 we received news that two parallel classrooms at Mbinu Ndita collapsed due to a storm. Luckily, there was no teaching and learning process taking place when this disaster occurred.


Rebuild 2 classrooms in a sturdy, simple and practical semi-permanent building,
Provide 20 sets of tables and chairs used in classrooms,
make proper toilets,
Provide plastic or permanent water tanks for clean water storage,
Packages of elementary school textbooks for grades 1 and 2 based on the K-13 Curriculum
and learning tools.


Improve the quality of school facilities that will influence health behavior and learning engagement and growth in achievement and learning programs.
Continuing the learning program with new facilities and tools, supporting children’s enthusiasm for learning at school. New teaching tools improve teaching programs.
Provide access to proper sanitation to schools.

Project Cost


Description Amount
Prepare : Rp 330.585.020
Processing : Rp 354.574.987
Evaluation : Rp 62.045.626
Total : Rp 747.205.633

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