Smart Friends

Educational Problems in Disadvantaged Regions

Underdeveloped regions in Indonesia have many educational problems, especially concerning unequal access to education, partly due to inadequate infrastructure and human resources.

Research by PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) shows that the literacy rate in Indonesia is still low, compared to other countries in the world. In a study involving 15 year old school children, Indonesia was ranked 62 out of 70 countries surveyed; CCSU (Central Connecticut State University) released “World Most Literate Nations” in March 2016.

The literacy behaviour ranking is based on five state literacy health indicators, namely libraries, newspapers, education, and availability of computers. This survey places Indonesia in the 60th position out of 61 participating countries.

Furthermore, the 12 year compulsory education program launched by the Indonesian government has not been optimised due to a lack of infrastructure and quality human resources to provide access to proper education for people living in disadvantaged areas.

With all the limitations of the government in overcoming these problems, it is necessary for non-governmental, public or private institutions to contribute in providing solutions to facilitate, and take part in supporting education for people in disadvantaged areas.

Smart Friends Mission

Learn and empower together!

Our mission is to harness the power of knowledge and innovations to ensure that all children benefit from basic learning experiences that focus on their individual, family and community assets, fortify themselves against the harmful consequences arising from poverty, racism, prejudice and discrimination, and strengthen their developmental potential. Build communities that are able to get out of poverty by maximising their potential.

Smart Friends Vision

Quality access!

Indonesians living in rural areas have access to quality educational resources and facilities. Thus creating an intelligent and educated society.

Kawan Baik

We’ve seen how this changes everything. The children remained in school. People live longer, healthier, more productive lives, with more time to work, play and spend time together.

Together We’re Smart

The vision and mission for the education sector that we want to achieve under the KBI Kawan Pintar (smart friend) are:
  1. Build communities that are able to get out of poverty by maximising their potential.
  2. Help to create a smart and educated society.
  3. To achieve our vision, we will take the following actions:
  • Deliver/ provide knowledge and capacity building through non-formal education programs for school age children by holding trainings and workshops.
  • Provide other useful skills, to increase knowledge and special abilities. Where this is intended to improve the quality of human resources for society in general; by organising training and workshops
  • Increase reading interest in children in particular, and in society in general, by building new facilities or upgrading existing facilities to support learning activities, including libraries and reading communities / reading clubs.
  • Contribute to disaster relief by organising activities that focus on healing trauma in disaster situations. This program is offered in the short to medium term.
  • Maximizing the potential of ‘friends’ who are members of KBI, by looking closely at the problems in disadvantaged areas and maximizing solutions that are adapted to existing conditions.