Why Kawan baik?

The foundation offers a new crowdfunding platform, dedicated to providing help, support, logistics and social advice, visibility to all the official organizations that need it. The Give for Fair Future platform will help you develop your own action, one that you will dedicate to humanity and humanity.

With us, even small project holders have the opportunity to apply for donations. We created the ” Give for Fair Future Platform” to allow public institutions or non-profit organizations, but also bringing projects, to showcase their actions and projects and conduct their campaigns.

Kawan Baik

We’ve seen how this changes everything. The children remained in school. People live longer, healthier, more productive, with more time to work, play, and just spend time together.

To fund creative, cultural, humanitarian or solidarity projects, The Foundation has created action for a fair future!

For whom?

“Good friend Platform” not only relies on you to make a difference, but also on other organizations such as other foundations, volunteers who work for a purpose, association, companies that want to make projects, groups of friends, local youth groups.

Your project?

The projects submitted to all of us must be dedicated to solidarity, social innovation, medical support, to help the sick, epidemic, danger prevention, environmental causes, women’s rights, but also for the enhancement of education and learning systems.

What shall we help you with?

Let’s share your idea here friends to go further, in the conceptualisation and monitoring of your project, we will support you in the process of “establishing your presentation and business plan”, then in search of financial ways.