Empowering Emotions: #WaterConnections Phase 2 & 3 Unveiled

January 31, 2024
Join us in the mission to empower communities with water connections! Phase 2 and 3 of #WaterConnections have been unveiled, which means more people will have access to clean water. Your support can make a huge difference in the lives of those who have been struggling to get access to this basic necessity. Let’s come together and make a positive impact on our world.

What this image is about Kawan?

Our new “Picture of the Day” shows you Kawan Ino passionately describes how the upcoming #WaterConnections project’s Phase 2 and 3 will profoundly transform the ultra-rural village of Laindatang. With this project, the village will soon have access to clean water, enabling its residents to lead healthier and more productive lives.

On January 17th, a remarkable event unfolded within the confines of one of Laindatang’s six classrooms. Nearly 250 people gathered, including 76 eager students, their parents, and a multitude of village community members. The school’s leadership, the school committee, and devoted teachers were also present. It was a day meticulously planned by Ino, Alex, Susan, and Ayu to elucidate the intricacies of the #WaterConnections 2024 program within this village and school.

Our arsenal included a massive 20,000-watt PowerBank to power the projector and display films, illustrations, and comprehensive plans for Phases 2 and 3 of the project. A rollercoaster of emotions transpired – tears, laughter, smiles, and sheer joy radiated through the room.

As captured in the photo, Kawan Ino le responsible des activités à Sumba Est meticulously explained the blueprint for Phases 2 and 3. This grand endeavor entails the construction of vast reservoirs, PVC pipelines crisscrossing the village, and the installation of solar panels to electrify the pumps and the school itself.

Laindatang, like many other communities in this region, grapples with extreme poverty, high malaria prevalence, infant mortality, and chronic malnutrition. Infectious diseases, particularly those tied to water, plague the residents daily. Our involvement over the past year and a half, primarily during Phase 1, has brought tangible improvements, but Phases 2 and 3 will herald an even more significant impact.

The amazing ability of water to transform health, personal growth, and well-being and promote peace is truly remarkable. We are working together to bring this essential resource to Laindatang, which will change many lives and leave a lasting impact on future generations. This project is more than just an initiative; it is a lifeline, a symbol of action, and a testament to the strength of the human spirit.

Please visit the website of the Fair Future Foundation to witness the impact of your support and contribute to this essential cause. Our collective efforts can bring the gift of life-giving water to the children of Laindatang and beyond. We appreciate your unswerving commitment to our mission.

Alex Wettstein – Kamp mediko-sosial Fair Future Foundation di Sumba Timur – Rumah Kambera, Lambanapu, 31 Januari 2024.

Thank you for your interest and support, we love you.

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