Drilling in Extreme Conditions: Challenges and Triumphs

March 3, 2024
Here in Laindatang village, we are currently drilling a deep well to provide clean drinking water to the local community. Despite many challenges, our team is determined to improve access to water for residents. We are driven by the goal of improving lives and we persevere despite obstacles. The local community also plays an active role in this project.

What this image is about Kawan?

Our team had been looking for favorable weather conditions since mid-February to move our drill to the #WaterConnections project site in Laindatang village. Finally, on February 22, we seized our opportunity when a truck transported our more than seven-ton drill to Laindatang.

Getting the heavily loaded truck there presented another challenge. Upon arrival, we had to manually carry the machine approximately 300 meters to reach the drilling site. This exhilarating moment filled us with wonder and pleasure, reinforced by our appreciation for the unwavering support of local residents and villagers who are always ready to help us.

Due to the need for water during drilling, we install a substantial temporary 5,000-liter tank. It may seem paradoxical, but having access to water is essential to locate it underground. The installation process took several hours as we erected an impressive tower with a height of 8 meters.

Later in the day, a religious ceremony was held by the villagers who practice the Marapu religion. Three small chickens were offered as sacrifices to determine if we would encounter any problems when drilling for water so that their entrails could be read. According to the community members who organized the ritual, no problems will occur during this deep drilling.

Saat ini kami berada di hari kelima ekspedisi dan sudah melakukan penyepuhan di kedalaman hampir 70 meter. Namun, muncul masalah berupa apa yang disebut “kehilangan air”. Fenomena ini mengacu pada keadaan di mana air yang diinjeksikan tidak naik akibat kerusakan akibat retakan pada sumur berdiameter enam inci.

Although the machine is working properly, we are currently facing a water shortage. Due to insufficient rainfall and the unavailability of water trucks during dry weather, we do not have access to enough rainwater to fill our on-site tanks needed for drilling. Our daily drilling demand amounts to almost 10,000 liters of water with around 30 meters remaining before we reach the target depth of 100 meters - where, hopefully, an abundant source awaits us which would be beneficial in providing drinking water within this village; thus considerably improving everyone’s quality of life.

Despite a challenging environment, the team engaged on-site perseveres tirelessly in arduous tasks. The heavy drill rods weigh nearly 50 kilograms each and the aggressive elements such as the intense heat of the day, the rain, the wind, the mud, and the cold of the evening prove powerless to stifle our fierce training. Each day brings its share of obstacles, but we remain resolutely focused on achieving our ultimate goal: improving the lives of the residents of the Laindatang Village.

Thank you very much for your attention and support in the water connection project we are working on in Laindatang. This project is significant for both the locals and us as a Swiss foundation, and we have put our hearts into it. As a reminder, last February, we celebrated the 15th anniversary of Fair Future, and this project is important to us all. Thank you very much for your help and support.

Alex Wettstein – Fair Future Foundation medico-social camp in East Sumba – Rumah Kambera, Lambanapu – The 3rd of March 2024

Thank you for your interest and support, we love you.

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