Lapinu Christmas

Santa Claus Comes to Lapinu


Matawai Katingga Elementary School, Lapinu Parallel Class is located in Kahaungi Eti District, East Sumba, approximately 2 hours from the city center in Waingapu. This parallel class was built independently by the guardians of the students who are local people because the distance between the house and the main school is far enough for children to walk to school, which is approximately 8 km. The number of students in this school is 39 students for grade 1 students. up to grade 6.

Lapinu Elementary School together with the surrounding community will celebrate Christmas in 2019, only it will be celebrated on January 10, 2020 because it coincides with the handover of report cards/provides an opportunity for teachers who live far away in another city to celebrate Christmas with their loved ones.

Christmas celebration is the day that is awaited by the children in Lapinu, because there will be gifts for them that will be brought by Santa Claus, Kawan Baik will be present with Santa Claus to bring gifts for the Lapinu children because they are all good children. Children will get gifts when celebrating Christmas (gifts that have value). In addition to gifts, Santa Claus and his friends will also tell stories and sing together to the children, warmly decorated with small colorful lights.

Not only for children, but also for schools and communities in Lapinu. Kawan Baik wants to celebrate Christmas in Lapinu in a different way, we will cook something they have never eaten before, of course with a special recipe with the best concoction of spices cooked with love and love.


Christmas Gifts for Kids

  • Christmas themed T-shirts for children and accompanying teachers (45 pcs)
  • Prepare a special menu that will be cooked by Good Friends
  • Bring a wall clock for school
  • Buy a Globe that can be used for teaching and learning activities
  • Head lamp (with A3 battery) for home study (because there is no electricity)
  • In addition, Kawan Baik wants to provide a small light for Lapinu Village in the form of a lamp with a solar panel that will be installed in the middle of the village.

Project Cost


Description Amount
Clothes for Kids & Teachers : IDR 4,500,000
Head Lamp : IDR 3,375,000
globe : IDR 375,000
Wall clock : IDR 750.000
Consumption : Rp 1,562,500
Solar Panel LED Light : Rp 3.750.000
LED Light Pole : IDR 1,750,000
Shipping Cost to Waingapu : IDR 625,000
Transport to Lapinu : IDR 875,000
Santa Claus Dress : IDR 375,000
Cash donation : IDR 1,250,000
Total : IDR 19,187,500
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